About Us

Amatica was founded by a diverse team who share the same ideas about what the future of healthcare should look like:


One-size-fits all healthcare has failed

Amatica was founded by patients who all share the belief that the current healthcare systems cannot meet the complex needs of people with Long Covid, ME/CFS or other chronic diseases, and that healthcare generally is focused only on a pharmaceutical approach, neglecting other essential aspects of health.

Proactive, not reactive, healthcare

Amatica gives you the tools to collect, store and analyse all your health records, past and present, and direct access to the UK’s most advanced testing. Our scientists and doctors have designed unique, Long Covid specific tests, which give patients deeper classification and understanding of their disease. Amatica helps you tackle your current health problems, and get ahead of future ones. 

A multidisciplinary future of personalised healthcare

We believe that the future of healthcare should be patient-centred, preventative, and holistic. Amatica fosters a collaborative ecosystem of leading practitioners to meet your needs and improve your health.

  • Nick Boyd-Gibbins - MEng, PhD: Research and Scientific Advisory

    Nicholas is a scientist and bioengineer who has diverse experience in translational research, healthcare and biotechnology. Leading industry translational research and biomanufacturing projects, he has assembled teams, global networks and led long-term strategic planning.

  • Anjola Onifade - MD, MRCS, ENT, BSc: Clinical Lead

    Anjola, currently practising in the NHS, holds a special fascination for Long-Covid and its impacts, having experienced the condition firsthand before making a full recovery. As well as his medical foundation he has diverse research experience, bringing to Amatica a forward-looking and innovative mindset.

  • Katherine Kelly - MSc, DipION, AfN, mBANT, CNHC: Nutritional Therapist

    Katherine is an experienced Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach who has worked across some of the top personalised healthcare clinics in London. Central to her work is a personal and individualised approach.

  • Kit Feber: HR, Finance and Operations

    Kit’s background is in scaling technology companies which has given him a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving industries of data science and health technology. He has worked across Talent, Operations and Finance throughout his career.

  • Alex Fakhre: Marketing and Operations

    Alex has spent his career building brands and technology companies where he has applied his skills in digital marketing, online business development, and system building. More recently his focus has been on personal health management.

  • Barry Tregüt: Full-Stack Software Engineer

    Barry is a full-stack software engineer who has extensive experience automating operations for large companies, working in lab and biotech automation, and developing advanced software platforms.

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