Personalised Care


One-size-fits-all healthcare has failed

What is normal for someone else may not be normal for you. Traditional healthcare systems apply universal biomarker ranges and treatment strategies to entire populations. But you are unique, and so are the health problems you may encounter.

Amatica is a leading Long Covid and chronic disease healthcare company. Our goal is to help you understand your own unique disease profile, its various symptoms and mechanisms, and work with you to personalise care to promote recovery and long-term health.


Long Covid has made individualised care more in need than ever

Long Covid and ME/CFS are complex diseases that can have a vast range of symptoms and underlying problems. To complicate things further, many people have preexisting conditions or secondary diseases happening in their bodies at the same time.

This makes a holistic, case-by-case approach essential.


Chronic diseases do not happen in a vacuum

As important as your health status now is your physical and mental health history, your lifestyle and diet. Exposure to toxins, allergies, latent infections or even childhood trauma have can all contribute to chronic diseases.

People are realising that traditional healthcare pathways cannot help them. More people are turning to personalised, evidence-based care from Nutritional Therapists and Functional Medicine practitioners.

Amatica’s practitioners follow a patient-centred approach that is transformative for many people. One of our missions is to widen access to a more modern and sophisticated approach to healthcare.


Personalised care adds resolution to health optimisation

The future of healthcare is to personalise interventions to each individual, taking into account a holistic view of health beyond standard clinical tests to include all key pillars of health such as detailed patient histories, seemingly unrelated preexisting conditions, nutritional status, food allergies, trauma, toxin exposure and much more.